Repeater PI3APD.

Listen to conversations at our local repeater PI3APD.

We also have a local repeater in Apeldoorn,NL, it's PI3APD at 145.7250 Mhz. At this repeater you can hear Amateur radio stations from all over the country, but mostly amateurs from the region Apeldoorn, situated in the east of the Netherlands (Holland).

For the radio-rookie's:

A repeater station (AKA : Relaisstation) is mend to expand the Send (TX) and Receive (RX) range of an amateur radio station, and it is used as an "In between" between 2 or more amateur (HAM) stations wich can't reach each other without the help of a repeaterstation.

For example : A HAM Station in one city can't reach an other HAM station in an other city, but they BOTH can hear the repeaterstation, because of the hight, antenna placement of the repeaterstation, (better) technics and (maybe) some more power than the radiostations wich try to reach each other.

Every HAM amateur (Radio operator) know's on wich frequency you can "speak" to the repeater, and on wich frequency you have to listen to receive the answers from other HAM-Operators. This difference in frequency is common known as "shift" , the difference between sending and receiving frequency. This repeater, working on the 2 meter band (reserved for amateur radio only ! Any other use is illegal !) and all radio amateurs in the world made an agreement that the shift on 2 meter bands repeaters is -600 Khz. (600 Kilohertz = 0.6 Mhz) Ergo : you can hear this repeater station at 145.7250 (in FM modulation) but if you want to make contact through this repeater, you have to call in at 145.1250 Mhz. 600 Khz LOWER in frequency. ALL 2 meter repeaters use this "standard" protocol, just because everybody knows how you can hear and speak "over" this (or any other) repeater.

CCTS, or "tone lock" at PI3APD

In case you're planning to use this repeater, you just don't can't, IF you have the proper radio, and know how it works, the repeater just wouldn't respond to your calls (I.E. : it stays "dead" or silent,and your transmitted signal isn't send by the repeater. Why ? You ask ? Because for several reasons (but mostly to prevent miss use.) the repeater is "locked" with a CCTS-Code, (77 Hz.) wich you have to transmit first to open (or unlock) the repeater. At most (Commercial) HAM radio's you can program this tone, so that the repeater will be opened at the moment you press the mike (Microphone.) How, and where to program the/this code at your radio is beyond the goal of this info, all you need to kinow (at the end) is where you're listening to :-) .


Every once and a while, if you're listening on the frequency of PI3APD, you can hear the identification of the station. Either a woman outspeaking the "ID" ( or callsign, PI3APD ) or in morse (CW), for the people who "understand" morse (CW stands for "continious wave"), this is all automated, (nope, it's not a real woman !) And the CW signal is used because it's (more) easy to hear when conditions ( the way radio-sigtnals behave.) is not as good as we like them to be. Even stations from other countrie's can listen at the frequency to "see" (Listen) if conditions are good, and can try to make contact with our country. (Either by use of the repeater, or direct, without a repeater.)


Sorry, not my thing, I'm more the type from simple experiments,but, however, if you're interested in how this repeater is build, or how it looks, just take alook at one of the links at the bottom of this page. If anything changes, or is adlusted at the repeaterstation, there will be more info at the official PI3APD-page. Wich is in hands of the builders of this station, I have nothing to do with it !

But, (however) I've written this site, and I am the one that gove's you a "view" at what'shappening at "our" repeater, So I will give you some information why,and how you can listen to PI3APD through this website :

I'm running a radio-station (music) in Apeldoorn (Internet only.) But I'm also, what you can call a radio-enthousiast, listening to radio (Amateur/HAM) bands and WAS a very active CB-Amateur (27 Mhz.) before I came to Apeldoorn ;-) . I'm living at a place where I (just) can't place any antenna outdoors, so I had to go back to my SWL (Short Wave Listener) status. I (almost) allways have my receiver on, and thought it would be a nice idea to "relay" the traffic throughout my (on-line) radio station. The radio software I use, is able of switching to an other source, at a given moment. (Internal server for the music, 2 external source's) and I can tell this program "to do whatever you want,at a time whatever you want", and the best signal I receive is that from PI3APD, so I decided to switch to the relais once a week, when the "round"is going on and traffic is almost certain.

All, just for the sake of experiment.

Local Technics (How did I do it ?)

Well,rather simple, I think. I Own a TYT9600 Tranceiver, for 11 Meters (27 Mhz.) , 2 Meters ( 144.000 - 146.000) 70 Cm, and 50 Mhz. (Wich is almost unusable for the regular SWL, nothing to hear,here.) and a VERY poor antenna condition. This is what they call a 4-Band radio, usable in a car ( 13,9 V ) and only FM reception, it also has the abbilty to send (TX) at these frequency's, but the use of this radio of any named band without a (proper) license is NOT allowed by law.
At the "external speaker" , or "headphone" connection I've plugged in a cable to my computer wich send the sound from the RX to the computer. After (a lot) of seeking,searching, trying and frustration, I finnaly got the sound to the computer, I've adjusted the settings of the soundcard, in- AND out software, until I finnaly found a setting the gave me the audio from the RX through the (monitor) signal from the radio station.

After that, I've adjusted the "program" setting of my (DJ) Software to switch to an other output at thursday at 20:00 (LINE-IN) and voila ! It does what I want it to do. Relaying the conversations to my website. :-)

The radio I use (TYT9600) is able of listening and "scanning" two seperate range's. (It's like your using two radio's in one case.) ONE set is permanent at the PI3APD station, the other set is SCANNING (Checking programmed channels for traffic.) And I entered the complete channelset for :

  • CB Band - 200 Channels in FM, from 26.065 (Ch 1 - A Band) up to 27.985 (Ch 11 - E Band) The rest is Amateur (HAM) radio (10 Mtr.) Not allowed to enter by law.
  • PMR Band - 446.00625 ( Ch 1 ) up to 446.09375 MHZ ( Ch 8 ) Free for use for everyone with a commercial radio.
  • LPD Band - 433.0750 ( Ch 1 ) up to 434.7750 ( Ch 69 ) Free for use for everyone with a commercial radio.
  • FreeNet - 149.02500 (ch 1 ) up to 149.11250 ( ch 8 ) Free for use for everyone with a commercial radio.

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